100 Strangers/Faces Info

Ok, so what is 100 Strangers/Faces?

The 100 Strangers is a popular project amongst photographers that encourages them to approach a random stranger in the street, and ask them if they would like their photograph taken. I have decided to do this for a few reasons:

  • I am very shy, verging on introvert, but not quite
  • To be able to photograph outside (massively!) of my comfort zone
  • To build confidence talking and photographing people
  • Meet interesting people and maybe find out a little bit about them
  • To make people smile!

As the name of the project suggests, I have to approach 100 STRANGERS, but I have also added in /faces as well because I also plan to approach people that I actually know. I am just as nervous asking people that I know as I am asking a stranger so I figured I can get as much out of this project by asking both!

With each portrait I’ll write about my approach, how it went, and I will also write down the pros and cons of each portrait experience.

So come along for the journey and feel free to add any comments….