This was an important shot because just previous to this I got my first rejection, albeit a very polite rejection, but nonetheless it sets you back, and had I of dwelled on it I probably would’ve ended my morning there and then, but I was determined not to!

Meet Anele
Anele was standing behind me flustering over maps and tourist guides when I approached her and explained my project. She was quite shy at first so I showed her the previous pic I shot of Marco and she agreed. I took a few shots and she was laughing at the thought of it all, then I got a couple of shots without the laughing. She told me she was from Lithuania and was visiting for a couple of months.

I get each stranger to type their email and name into my phone before they leave so I can send them the pic, when typing in her name she misspelt it a couple of times and she had a good laugh about that too, so I guess its not only the photographer that gets nervous!

Thanks Anele  



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