This morning I took a drive up to Belfast to photograph some strangers. I have changed my mind so much on this project on how I want the photograph to be taken, but last week I finally found one that I really like. The subject standing in the middle looking straight down the camera, and this really works when shot in an alley, and Belfast has some great alleys!

Meet Marco
Originally from Germany, but lives in Belgium, and I photographed him in Northern Ireland! Lol. He looked real smart when walking towards me with his handsome features and also sporting a nice pair of glasses. We took some shots but my reflector was showing up in his glasses and I didn’t like that. He offered to take them off as he only needs them for reading.

Marco was in town looking for museums about the conflict/troubles, and I told him about the Belfast Bus tours that take you around all the places that were in the heart of the conflict. He also mentioned that he was going to Derry for the same reasons.

Cheers Marco  



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