Meet Jiyeon

I noticed Jiyeon on my way home driving along the Carrickmore Road. I really liked her style, with her jumper and black skirt and the way her hair sat I thought she had like a ‘vintage festival chic’ look, which was confirmed when I noticed she was holding some yellow flowers in her hand! So I decided to stop with her and explain my project. She immediately started laughing and it was clear she was a very happy, bubbly person with a fantastic smile. She was up for a photo. At first I done my usual, I explained about not smiling, and as soon as I said that she burst out laughing, so I knew there and then that this photo would include a smile!

I shot a few different photos until I was happy with the exposure, it was overcast at the time and just finished raining and another rain shower was due. I got some non-smiling shots but I figured I should photograph the person true to themselves and with Jiyeon I decided a smile was a must.

We got chatting and I found out that she’s from South Korea and is currently on a year placement here in Ballycastle. I explained how the project was about building confidence and showed her the shots and she seemed happy with them. I gave her my card and took down her email address to send her the pic.

Thank you Jiyeon 🙂



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