Lina 3/100

Ok, so it’s been about 7 months since my last Stranger. But how can you just drive past someone with pink hair?! Well, I did…


Yup, drove past, camera sitting beside me, too nervous to stop. Then as I went further and further up the road I said to myself ” no way, can’t let this go” and so I turned and headed back the way.

I stopped as soon as I saw her again and explained about my project, I got as far as ” I’m doing this project where I have to stop 100 strangers and…” and she started laughing so I guess she knew what I was gonna ask, and so I just asked ” do you mind if i take your photo?” and she smiled and said ” Sure!” I explained that it was to help me be less shy/backward talking to people and she thought it was a great idea. So I took a couple of test shots and then noticed that I wasn’t getting much of the unique hair in the shot so I asked her could she bring her ponytail forward on her shoulder so that it could be included, and help frame, the photo.I also mentioned about not smiling, because I had initially set out to capture the 100 strangers without smiles, as I feel it makes them more at ease, but how can you photograph such vibrant style and not include a smile?! She was smiling anyhow, even when she was trying not to lol!

In amongst my nervousness I forgot to ask her where she is from! Silly me! But have since emailed her to ask.

Meet Lina, from Sweden


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